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Distinguished Cognac

Parfum Extract
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Inspired by Krigler Established Cognac 66 

Our love for boozy fragrances began when we tried Established Cognac 66 by Krigler. This fragrance combines red apple with some of the finest cognac on the market. The combination and blend of these notes create an aroma that is altogether spicy, boozy, aromatic, fruity, sweet, flavorful, and warm! The olfactory texture of this perfume is intricate as you weave through the many layers of fragrance. The oak is reminiscent of the barrels in which the fine spirit is stored and aged. The apple note added with the cognac adds its fruity flavor and aroma to the spicy spirit. Distinguished Cognac is our inspired expression of Established Cognac 66 by Krigler. The intoxicating quality of cognac accord is the most prominent note as you try the fragrance. If you want to try one the finest boozy fragrances out there, Distinguished Cognac is your fragrance! We promise you that it’s so good that you’ll be tempted to drink it!


NOTES: Cognac, Oak, Caramel, Red Apple, and Marigold.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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Distinguished Cognac
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