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24K Oud

Parfum Extract
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Inspired by Kilian Paris Gold Oud

Throughout the years, Kilian Paris has been known for its masterpieces.  Amber Oud, Straight to Heaven, Dark Lord, and Black Phantom are only some of the names of the most famous releases, and there is no denying about their influence in the industry. One of the latest releases by Killian Paris that got our attention is Gold Oud as it is one of the most wanted releases among the masses. We felt this is the appropriate time to release our inspired version of this fragrance as it is becoming so hard to find. 24K Oud is our inspired version of Gold Oud by Kilian Paris. The golden aura is established by the composition of creaminess of guaiac wood and the silkiness of the natural rose. In the base, the resonant oud enhances the auric atmosphere of this splendid composition. Saffron spice is gently sprinkled on the woods and floral ingredients for the ultimate exotic touch and experience. 24K Oud is a romantic perfume that will also enrapture those around you while leaving an unforgettable impression. This versatile composition is instantly lovable and unquestionably intriguing. Make 24K Oud yours today and conquer people around you!


NOTES: Rose, Agarwood, Guaiac Wood, and Saffron.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum
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24K Oud
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