Topmost Complimented Fragrances

If you’re anything like us, you would know how the morning routine feels incomplete without wearing your favorite perfume to start off your day. It not only makes you feel good about yourselves but also sets the mood for the rest of the day. 

Imagine wearing your carefully selected perfume and your friends or family commenting “WOW! You smell so good!” We bet that’s the best feeling, isn’t it? 

Now imagine getting unexpected/ spontaneous compliments from someone you don’t know that well – an acquaintance or passerby – that’s probably an even better feeling right?

So, if you’re looking to gather tons of compliments - because let’s be real, who doesn’t like to receive compliments and positive feedback? - then keep reading to discover some of our most complimented fragrances, as confirmed by our DUA fam. 👇

Top Complimented DUA Fragrances

Casino Royale Nights

Casino Royale Nights is well known to be a masterpiece that promises to give the wearer a long-lasting scent, enough to create that strong olfactory presence around you. The rich accords augment the radiance and luminosity of the original perfume. One of our customers had the following to say about this beloved fragrance:

“This is the inspiration of MFK’s BR 540 and one of the most loved fragrances in the entire world.”

So, if you want to receive tons of compliments every day, you know which fragrance to go for! ✨

Poseidon’s Elixir 13ZZ

Poseidon’s Elixir 13ZZ is a luxurious citrusy scent that envelopes the wearer with the most delicious blend of pineapple, jasmine, vanilla and oakmoss. We would best describe this Creed Aventus Inspiration as the one which:

“… makes you feel like a million bucks. The king of kings. The holy grail of scents. The almighty one. The 13ZZ01 batch of Aventus is by far one of the most hyped, most wanted, most talked about fragrances in the fragrance community.”

So, if you’re an avid Aventus fan, then Poseidon’s Elixir 13ZZ, is the one for you!


Supernova is known to be a timeless classic, and for the right reasons. One of our customers had the following to say about this iconic fragrance:

“Supernova smells exactly like Roja Elysium and the performance is even beyond the Elysium Parfum Edition Special which costs around 120-130k.”

Likewise, another one of our customers recounted an incident where he went to a restaurant and got complimented on this fragrance by 2 people! Imagine being at a restaurant and still smelling better than the food. 😍

Hey Sweetie!

Hey Sweetie! is a delightfully sweet and 🌼 floral perfume that bears its own personality. Its fruity scent enchants not only the wearer but also the outsider. One of our customers who bought this perfume recently commented:

“To all ladies out there, if you want to keep one perfume for life, this is it. It has all the notes floral, sweet and OMG that marshmallow note – to die for!...”

If you want to experience the ultimate balance between floral and fruity scent, Hey Sweetie! is the one that you’re looking for. 

Strawberry Cream Candy

This DUA Original Blend will not only surround you with the most delicious 🍓 strawberry, butterscotch and cream scent but also immediately overcome those in your presence, with this tasteful aroma lingering in the air. They will surely try to seek out the origin of this exquisite melt-in-the-mouth gourmand creation!

When one of our customers wore this scent to an event, they stated that:

“ makes you feel fruity and when you cross people around you, they are also overcome with a feel of fruity freshness.”

Casino Elixir

While spicy saffron blends with the seductive aroma of jasmine and the distinctiveness of almond, fresh pineapple bursts through the surface of this ⚡ electrifying hybrid fragrance.

A customer who ordered Casino Elixir had the following to say about this heavenly composition:

“Casino Elixir beautiful hybrid of BR540 and Aventus fruity batches, each wear gets a compliment.”

An extraordinary fragrance is one which conveys a narrative through its notes, delights the wearer and enchants the passersby. Because after all, isn’t that what a great fragrance is all about?

So, if you dream of indulging yourself in a beautiful olfactory experience and at the same time capturing the attention of everyone in the room, then we hope these tried and tested classic scents by our DUA fam, will hit all the right notes and that special someone right on the mark! 😉

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