Top 8 MFK BR540 Inspired Fragrances

With time, MFK BR 540 has become a popular fashion statement when it comes to the fragrance industry. But no one wants to break their bank simply on a scent.

Guess what? The Dua Brand is ready to take the lead in creating the best and in some cases, even better fragrance inspirations for you. The quality, richness, and essence of the top-notch brand have been added to DUA fragrances.

Your majesty! We have compiled a list of the most raved MFK BR 540 inspirations of The DUA Brand and you better read to know why these fragrances truly deserved to be on the list. Let’s get started with the details of each scent! 🙌

Casino Royale Nights

MFK BR 540 has a strong fanbase because of its unique and memorable scent. Casino Royal Nights, an inspiration of MFK BR 540 is however, longer lasting with a much stronger olfactory presence! The smell starts with almond macerated by spicy notes of cedar wood. The smoky base is lifted by ambergris and jasmine. Hence, an opulent fragrance with sillage power more than any other in your collection. 😎

Zest Of Casino Elixir

Let’s talk about the beast from our Elixir series. Zest Of Casino Elixir is inspired by a hybrid of Mugler Ultra Zest, Creed Aventus, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait. It is a very fruity, citrusy kind of scent that becomes more delicious as it progresses due to the presence of vanilla, coffee, and mint. A fresh and enjoyable scent perfect for sweltering summer days! 🥵

Casino Elixir

Do you want to know what success smells like? Try Casino Elixir if you haven’t already. A phenomenal iteration of MFK BR 540 & Creed Aventus. Fresh pineapple explodes through the cracks of this inspired expression, while spicy saffron fuses with the distinctness of almonds. Citrusy accords are perfect for summers whereas cinnamon, cedarwood, and black currant will be perfect companions in winter as well. 🙈

Tiger’s Casino Elixir

Tiger’s Casino Elixir is a perfect example of “opposite attracts.” This olfactory is a combination of aquatic and spicy accords. The nose behind this is none other than MFK BR 540 Extrait, Bvlgari Tygar, & Creed Aventus. Saffron spices up the combination after a sweet grapefruit introduction. Bitter almonds enliven the aura of the scent with their unique addictive quality. Tiger’s Casino Elixir will surely do the trick if you are looking for something unique and extra! 🤯

Casino Royale’s Fortune

Our #DUAfam gravitates towards Casino Royale’s Fortune, an inspired expression of MFK BR 540 Extrait & Xerjoff Naxos. The intimate essence is formed by the killer combination of tobacco and honey. The presence of ambergris and jasmine maintains the overall freshness of the scent. We are so proud to introduce this intoxicating fragrance to all perfume lovers. 🥰

Casino Royale Fire

The heat of Casino Royale Fire will protect you from the freezing weather outside. The musky-woody element of MFK BR 540 Extrait is combined with the sweet oriental effect of MMM by the Fireplace to create this outclass inspiration! Casino Royale Fire is a pure class to beat the frost of the winter. Enjoy the vibe with a coffee in hand wearing the perfect unisex - Casino Royal Fire. 🥶

Drowning In Citrus Royale

Drowning In Citrus Royale, an inspiration of Nishane Ani, Louis Vuitton L’Immensite. & MFK BR 540 is a mind-blowing addition to our gourmand classification. The opening leans citrusy while the heart notes are full of rosy flavors. Ambergris, ambroxan, and vanilla elements sum up the base notes. It’s surely a deal at such a pocket-friendly rate. 🙈

Satin Midnight Attar

The Dua Brand is known to create wonders in the fragrance mainstream. Satin Midnight Attar is inspired by MFK Oud Satin Mood Extrait. We tried our best to bring the attar effect in spray form. The violet blends seamlessly with the Turkish rose to make the fragrance modern yet classic. Just like attar never goes out of style, Satin Midnight Attar will never go out of sight once it gets settled on your dressing table. 😍

There is a famous saying: "Without perfume the skin is mute"

We second the above statement. The best trick to feel luxurious without going broke is to use “DUA FRAGRANCES.” 🙌

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