Top 15 Best Winter Fragrances For 2022

Hello, winters! A season when mornings are covered with fog and nights with dews. Some prefer to sit on a couch with a mug of coffee watching Netflix, while others find comfort in snuggling in a blanket and reading their favorite novel. 📔

Also, there are people who love to stroll on the streets enjoying the chilly wind and wearing their favorite smoky, woody scents. So, we think this couldn’t be a more better time to recommend you some of our best winter fragrances!

Hence, we have rounded up the best DUA winter fragrances so you can enjoy your winter outings or sleepovers ! 🥶

Gold Oudh

The scent trail of Gold Oudh is so exquisitely divine. The notes of this fabulously rich scent scream winter as soon as you open the bottle. Rose, ambergris, and saffron are mingled with musk, cinnamon, and agarwood to create an unexpected combination. No need for any bonfire for the warmth as Gold Oudh will do the job perfectly! 🙈

Bois Oudh

When it comes to perfect ingredients for winter, Bois Oudh hits all the appropriate notes. A tonka bean is paired with sandalwood and teak wood to create a warm, dark, and sweet middle note. While the depth is maintained by agarwood. Let the atmosphere be filled with a playful scent! 😈

Favor Of Dua

A woody chypré scent called Favor Of Dua unites some of the best components the market has to offer. Favor of Dua will be the ideal fragrance for the upcoming winters thanks to the high-quality agarwood note in the base and an extremely unique rose component. Want to smell amazing throughout the winter? Favor Of Dua should be your choice then! 😋

Dua Formula 010

If you are not a huge fan of the woody scent, no worries. Dua Formula 010 is here for the rescue. The sugar floss provides just the right amount of sweetness to go with your subtle personality, and the cocoa contributes to the darkness needed for the winter fragrances. This winter, experience the distinct amber spicy tones with Dua Formula 010! 😋

Satin Midnight Attar

If you want to be bold and confident this winter, go for our Satin Midnight Attar! Cozy and comfy vanilla feels never go wrong. On top of that, some strong woodsy accords will unleash your inner warmth. Crowd-pleasing Turkish rose is also added so you can stand out among your friends! 🙌

Majesty’s Leather

The smooth and rich accord of leather is mixed with the exotic character of incense to create a rich perfume that goes by the name Majesty’s Leather. Notes of dry fruits are added to keep the sweetness of the scent. The overall scent is deliciously addictive and a perfect fit for a snowy night! 🌨

Palace Of Love

Palace Of Love is a mixture of tobacco and leather undertones, which also contribute to its amazing longevity. The scent is built around the composition of clove, nutmeg, and bergamot complimented with dense tobacco and leather. You are just a spray away to be the sight of love for the people around you! 😍

Accidental Vanille

Vanilla scents are always a hit! So, it's no surprise that our Accidental Vanille is too! The pairing of sandalwood and styrax has enhanced the overall scent. Though it appears to be sweet, it has a surprising amount of dark, leathery character, making it ideal to be in the list of winter fragrances. It's undoubtedly worth every penny. 😎

Plum Brandy

Plum Brandy! A DUA’s original creation. The freshness of the plums will captivate you until you fall in love with the sweetness of the vanilla. As the fragrance transit, you will experience the best dry-down notes in the form of cedarwood and amber. A super luxurious smell that is not so common! 🤘

Tiger’s Fortune

Tiger's Fortune is the finest hybrid and one of the most effortless combos we've ever created! The aroma begins strongly with grapefruit and eventually goes to a clean lavender, tonka bean, and vanilla dry down. The smell profile is lighthearted, making it an excellent choice for winter nightlife. 🌃


#Pleasure is a captivating blend of romantic florals, sensual vanilla, exotic spices, and delectable tonka beans. The duality between sweet and spicy is what makes this scent unique in its own way. All the woodsy and spicy notes are well-balanced which keeps the scent warm and alluring. 🤩

The Mobster In Havana

Planning to have a bonfire night along the beach with your friends? The Mobster In Havana will give you the exact vibe due to its exotic ingredients. The top note of honey is combined with cocoa, jasmine, and patchouli to make the scent irresistible. A perfect cozy scent you need to try at least once this winter! 😋

Aphrodisiac Drowned In Vanilla

Winter season is incomplete without having a cup of coffee along with some hot brownies topped with vanilla. Ahh! What a tempting combination, Isn’t it? Aphrodisiac Drowned In Vanilla is exactly that enticing! Ginger and Bergamot will thrill your senses before myrrh and vanilla take a calm approach. Drowning in a classic vanilla scent has become easy with Aphrodisiac Drowned In Vanilla. Be ready for immense compliments this winter!

Dua Formula 001

Dua Formula 001 is a must-have if you are a fan of fruity scents but with little depth. It begins with a beautiful grapefruit note that softly develops into a rose and patchouli heart. The presence of oud gives an exotic atmosphere that complements the winter season wonderfully. 🥰

Dua Formula 006

Dua Formula 006 is our inspired expression of Scents of Wood Plum in Cognac. Vetiver is added to give an earthy touch to the scent while hypnotizing cognac is present to keep you hooked to the fragrance. Well, performance and longevity are something you will rave about after spraying some. Dua Formula 006 is all you need to keep your nose happy throughout the winter. 🙌

Warm, spicy, and dark fragrances resonate a lot with winter season. Therefore, we created a list of some of the top 10 winter fragrances for you. Winter is the best time to experiment with your scent. Let us know your pick! 🙈

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