Top 12 Creed Aventus Inspired Fragrances

Top 12 Creed Aventus Inspired Fragrances | The Dua Brand

Not denying the fact that Creed Aventus should be credited for making people fall in love with perfumes. But that doesn’t mean you have to go through bankruptcy while fulfilling your scent cravings.

Mahsam Raza is always on his toes to help the people of Pakistan. He is known to create the best inspiration of high-end fragrances so that no one is left behind to experience the luxuriousness.

The Dua Brand has the 1:1 identical inspiration for the king of fragrance brand, Creed Aventus. The sillage power, the notes, and the scent will amaze you!

Roll up your sleeves to know why our DUA FAM is so fascinated by our inspirations. Let’s get started! 😎

Poseidon Elixir Gen X

Poseidon Elixir Gen X is an inspiration for Creed Aventus (10-year Anniversary Edition). An iconic creation that touches all the notes of florals, fruity, and aromatic ingredients. If you have an eye on this limited edition by Creed, The DUA version will get you all sorted. 😍

Poseidon Elixir 13ZZ

People raved about Creed Aventus Batch 13ZZ01, and we kid you not Poseidon Elixir 13ZZ is an exact impression of it. The opening is jaw-dropping as you whiff the sweet fruity aroma and as it dries down, musk starts kicking in. The longevity will stun you as it stays for hours. 🤯

Poseidon's Precious Madagascar Vanilla

The inspiration behind Poseidon’s Precious Madagascar Vanilla is none other than the iconic Creed Aventus (with an added note of 30-years-aged Madagascan vanilla). This fragrance leans more toward vanilla which makes it a very addictive scent. The presence of pineapple, apple, and berries enhances the overall flavor of the fragrance. 🙈

Origins Of Poseidon: EST 2010

Origins Of Poseidon: EST 2010
is an exclusive, fruity, smokey, and woody scent. The inspiration behind this is Creed Aventus (10E02 batch from 2010!). Sharp bergamot and cassis are what you will experience as you open the bottle. As it reaches the heart, notes of jasmine and amber start to come through. The climax consists of the richness of vanilla and musk. 😋

Poseidon Elixir 2.0

The House Of DUA is proud to create Poseidon Elixir 2.0, an inspiration from the fruitier batches of Creed Aventus. A masculine scent that captures the confidence in a bottle. The blend of fruity and woody notes will get you non-stop compliments. 🥰

Poseidon Elixir Remixed MOD 3

Poseidon Elixir Remixed MOD 3 is our exciting take on the Creed Aventus formula (with added notes of Juniper Berry, Iso-E-Super, and Ambroxan Crystals). The pineapple aroma is accompanied by a note of vanilla, which enhances the richness and intensity of the pineapple. An exotic scent with a hint of ambroxan crystals and Iso-e-super to make it a versatile fragrance. ☺

Poseidon Tux

If you want to enjoy Creed and YSl both at the same time, then Poseidon Tux is what you are looking for. A collision of sweet and fruity aromas. The scent is enticed by pleasant pineapple, while patchouli and vanilla settle in the base for a sophisticated ending. The hybrid you have never thought of. 🙌

Zest Of Casino Elixir

A tribrid experiment that resulted in an outclass fragrance! Zest Of Casino Elixir is an amazing rendition of Mugler Ultra Zest, Creed Aventus, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait. The fruity, citrusy, and oriental accords all in one makes it a one-of-a-kind fragrance. A monster of compliments, you must get it to experience this flanker! 🙈

Poseidon In The Caribbean

A unique take on a coconut-based scent with hints of pineapple. Poseidon In The Caribbean will give you fresh vibes truly reflecting its name. The nose behind this is Creed Aventus & Creed Virgin Island Water. A perfect summer fragrance for you that lingers for more than 8 hours. 🤯

Casino Elixir

Casino Elixir deserves all the attention. This most-wanted DUA fragrance is an inspiration from the two kings of the fragrance world, Creed Aventus and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait! The fusion of sweet and spicy notes with hints of musk is a perfect scent to wear to get all the attention. Spray some and see the magic yourself. ✨

Tiger’s Casino Elixir

The mixture of the aquatic blast of Bvlgari Tygar and the citrusy explosion of MFK BR 540, whereas the magic of Creed Aventus is also present there, it is none other than Tiger’s Casino Elixir. Lavishness, passion, and charm are the key ingredients of the fragrance. An addictive scent, you will not get bored of easily! 😍

Poseidon’s Sour Peach

People’s love for Tom Ford bitter peach and addiction to Creed Aventus made us create this hybrid that goes by the name Poseidon’s Sour Peach. The tartness of apple and peach is smoothened by jasmine and sandalwood. Whereas vanilla is there to bring a pleasant scent, little depth is enhanced by black currant and labdanum. A blend to maintain your charisma. 🙈

Remember, quality fragrances speak for themselves. We have done our job to make you feel rich and made sure that you don’t have to pay through the nose.

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