Top 12 Best Fall Fragrances For 2022

Pleasant, windy mornings are the first signs of fall. You have just stepped out from a hot shower with a mug of hot coffee, but wait, something is missing.... yes exactly! A woody, smokey scent to complete your morning routine.

A new season demands a refreshed fragrance list. Fall is here with all its chilly vibes, but.but..but... are you ready with your warm and cozy scents?

If not, we have compiled a list of DUA fragrances that will make you a fall fashionista!

Dua’s Royal Instinct

Welcome the fall season with all the open arms. Just like Dua’s Royal Instinct welcomed all the exotic notes like amber, cocoa, and resin to create something impactful. The lavish aroma of this unique addition to DUA’s original is what you need for all your fall festivals.

Don’t wait for anything exceptional, nothing can beat the class of Dua’s Royal Instinct.

Poseidon's Tux

Poseidon’s Tux is from our hybrid collection. This explosion of two distinct notes is spicy, sweet and addictive. Patchouli, ambergris, and black pepper add spiciness to the fragrance. The fruity touch with smokey ingredients, a perfect night wear ideal!

Wealth & Builders

Roja Dove Haute Perfumarie 15th Anniversary Exclusive, Wealth & Builders is our innovative inspired expression. The aroma is warm and engulfing, just like how fall meets you. It oozes with aldehyde, tonka, and bergamot for a steamy impression that will tempt frigid folks to stand close to you.

What else do you want to warm up the chilly night?

Drowning In Bleu De Savage Fierce

One of the warmest, feel-coziest scents is our Drowning In Bleu De Savage Fierce. Initiating with a citrus and vanilla combination, the citrus gradually fades away, leaving woody notes as the main flavor.

Our hybrid version inspired by leading perfumes like Nishane Ani, and Christian Dior is full of exquisite yet intense accords, like ginger, labdanum while vanilla and floral notes add a pleasant scent to this bold fragrance.

You will love wearing it with your turtleneck and jeans while strolling on the streets of Pakistan in cold nights.

The Ruler Of Them All

Fall season screams for woody notes! The Ruler Of Them All will rule your entire fall fragrance list because it contains the best animalic accords. The oudh notes combined with leathery notes makes the fragrance too rich to be true. If you are daring enough to carry this bold fragrance, we are here to cheer for you. Go fearless this fall.

The Soul Of Rose

It is expertly made with ylang ylang and rose in the top notes, and heavy cedarwood and musk are used to add accents. Do not be alarmed by the musk that is constantly present in the background.

The Soul Of Rose will evoke all the right emotions while you are having a camping trip with your friends on a beach.

Poseidon's Precious Madagascar Vanilla

The fall season is all about smokey, leathery, and spicy aromas!

Fill your shorter days and longer nights with the bright vanilla scent. Crispy notes like black currant, birch tar, and patchouli encapsulate the warmth in a fragrance. Inspired by Creed Aventus, Poseidon's Precious Madagascar Vanilla is too good to pass!


Windy weather, chilly nights, hot coffee and you. Guess what is missing? Our Uptown fragrance!

A fragrance inspired by Roja Parfum Manhattan will give you the required warmth and coziness that comes from accords like tobacco, musk, and black pepper. The fall-friendly flower lavender is added to give the spicy scent a floral touch.

The perfect scent to keep you occupied this fall!

Casino Royale Fortune

Casino Royale Fortune, inspired by BR540 by MFK. The extrait's opening is sweet and robust, with almond and saffron notes. Saffron and ambergris add a hint of spice, but it's all quite smooth.

It has a blend of Jasmine, cedarwood, and cinnamon, although identifying the ingredients is difficult due to how flawlessly they are blended.

Honestly, this is the one if you want to feel indescribably beautiful and expensive.

Casino Royale Fire

If you haven’t found your fall signature scent, believe me, Casino Royale Fire can be the one. It evokes an island environment, with warm chestnut winds and other stimulating flavors. Spicy notes will get your focus immediately, and as they fade, you'll catch whiffs of ambergris, saffron, Egyptian jasmine, and other notes.

It will quickly become a must-have item in your wardrobe, a dynamic fall feast.

Dua Formula 006

As you prepare to climb into bed with your warm blanket, Dua Formula 006 infused with cinnamon and vanilla is waiting for you. Before closing your eyes, spritz inspired expression of cognac for clam and fresh aroma.

A brilliant unisex fragrance so that both the genders can enjoy equally.

Pomme Trempee On The Rocks

Smelling good in the fall season is what we all strive for. Pomme Trempee On the Rocks is composed of smokey and fruity components. Apple and Pineapple provide the necessary sweetness, while exotic and regal accords such as cardamom and cedar build cozy and chilly vibes.

So, there you have it. These are the top twelve best DUA fall fragrances that you should definitely try this year. Hopefully, you encountered something fresh and unique in our fall fragrances list. We would love to know your pick.

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