Reema Khan joins The Dua Brand family as official Brand Ambassador

The Dua Brand, for the past 6+ years, has been obsessed with creating and perfecting the best selection of perfumes and providing quality scents to their valued customers worldwide. Today, the Dua Brand is famed as the inventor and holder of the finest, largest and ever-expanding collection of perfumes globally. The company specializes in handcrafting selected fragrances which customers can identify as being one of the most long-lasting perfumes in Pakistan, due to the concentration of natural oils used in its developing process, making it the best perfume brand in Pakistan and other countries.

With the objective of creating near inspirations of classic scents with a bit of twist based on 1 to 1 ingredient matches as well as focusing on broadening the most awaited original collections, in accordance with IRFA certified chemists; The Dua Brand is accelerating and pushing towards entering a new chapter by positioning itself as the house of the best perfumes for men in Pakistan and the best perfumes in Pakistan for women.

Taking that into account, The Dua Brand is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the internationally acclaimed and most loveable style icon, actress, model, director and social worker, Reema Khan. We are thrilled to have her as our Brand Ambassador and are pleased to receive warm-hearted appreciation from her fans around the world.

Official Contract signing; 17th April 2022

While welcoming her onboard, Reema Khan conveyed her excitedness on being part of The Dua Brands journey and her enthusiasm for working together on many more fun and glamourous projects soon.

Reema Khan Celebrating Eid Ul Fitr with Dua Family

The timing of her joining our Dua Brand family couldn’t have been more perfect, as it so happened that we were lucky to have her celebrate the blessed and auspicious day of Eid Ul Fitr with us. We had an extremely enjoyable and lively digital shoot with her where she unpacked her beautiful Eidi gift sent from the Dua family to her and wished everyone a happy Eid Mubarak. She also conveyed how much she loved the Dua fragrance Eidi box, which included a Dua perfume set with lots of other goodies and encouraged her fans that if they wished to buy a gift for their close family and friends, then The Dua Brands perfume sets would be the perfect Eidi gift for them. Reema Khan specially emphasized on the dreamy fragrance keynotes of her favorite perfume, “Poseidon in The Caribbean”, which she thoroughly loved!

Get to Know More About her Favorite Perfume!

Poseidon in The Caribbean is a layered expression that incorporates bright and flavorful coconut blends with pineapple with the aim of creating an intoxicating tropical expression that would make any fruitarian salivate. Its originally inspired by key notes of Creed Aventus and Creed Virgin Island Water. It certainly can be said that for Creed Aventus Pakistan fans, Poseidon in The Caribbean will become their next best perfume fragrance. It’s the perfect summer fragrance that one needs to have with them on the front lines for their next summer excursion! Th fragrances key notes are not only well composed but also designed in a carefree composition, giving off an addictive aroma of plentiful citrusy notes and ambergris which reminds one of the vitalities of the ocean. Definitely a match made in heaven, which makes no wonder why its our loveable style icon, Reema Khans favorite perfume as well.

Exclusive Mother’s Day Live Session

More recently, on May 8th, 2022, Reema Khan took part in an Instagram Live session as part of The Dua Brands Mother’s Day exclusive social event. It was the most awaited Live session where her fans around the world had a chance to directly interact with their favorite idol. The fun and exciting session also had a wonderful treat waiting for fans which included special giveaways worth Rs. 100,000! The session was hosted by Mahsam Raza, CEO and Syed Ali, CMO.

Besides this, The Dua Brand is working on many more exciting and engaging digital projects, which we can’t wait to share with you. In the meantime, you can order our Discovery Set, which includes 2 ml bottles of five distinct fragrances of your choice!

Keep checking on our socials to stay updated on our next exhilarating events which are yet to come. Till then, you can discover the entire collection of Dua fragrances available on the website. Happy Shopping!

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