5 best Wedding Fragrances For Him! Winter Edition

We won’t be wrong if we declare December as a wedding season. Indeed, the wedding day is one of the happiest and most exciting days in a person’s life. 😍

If you are too caught up with the preparations for your big day and have zero seconds to sort the fragrance that you are going to wear as a groom, or even if you are a guest. We have them all. 🙌

This guide is all about the most suitable wedding fragrance for men that will make your events more memorable. Hope you have a good read! 👀

Kola Tabac

Beach-bound weddings are the most refreshing ones. Romantic setup, slow-down music, cold winds, sound of splashing waves, and amidst of all, your wedding rituals are happening. How cool, isn’t it? But oops! Kola Tabac, an invigorating, warm, and mature scent of DUA Original, is missing. Add this to your wedding shopping cart and avoid any hassle at the last moment. 🙈

Caramel Brandy

For the people who are high maintenance and have rich taste when it comes to fragrances, Caramel Brandy is here to serve you. The scent of this classic will boost your blissful feeling on your big day. Your heart will melt with the aroma of caramel, burnt sugar, and vanilla accords. Caramel Brandy is all set to accompany you in this new chapter of your life. 🥰

Tiger’s Tux

If you are a groom or about to attend a wedding happening in the ballroom of a 5-star hotel, Tiger’s Tux by The Dua Brand will completely match the electric and sophisticated vibe of the venue. The combination of spicy and woody accords will bring out your charismatic personality. Fill the hall with your oh-so-amazing aura! 😍

The Mobster In Havana

Did you plan your wedding at some historic place? Have you sorted out the fragrance that will go well with the cultural vibe of the venue? If not, The Mobster In Havana is the perfect oriental fragrance that will make sure to amplify your entire look. The notes of ginger are sensually enhanced by tobacco and cocoa…. People will come back to stage again and again just to smell you. We bet! 😋

Perfumer Dua: Gold

Winter season and open space wedding venues, that’s how we enjoy events here. You must choose Perfumer Dua: Gold as your scent of choice to be warm and toasty! It’s your time to embrace the sweet-toned blend of myrrh enhanced by the resinous flavor of olibanum. On your big day, feel magnificent and empowered! 😈

All we want is to make your wedding day as meaningful as possible, and scents are the most lovable stories. We hope you choose the best for you. Do let us know your pick. Happy Wedding Season! ❣

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