10 DUA Fragrances that Scream Summer

The higher the temperature gets, the harder it is for one to concentrate on anything other than tropical getaways, delicious fruit cocktails and summer beaches. So, if you’ve been using the same fragrance the previous year all around, now couldn’t be a more perfect time for you to switch it up with some unique fragrances for summers.

Traditionally, summer fragrances are developed based on light, crisp and airy notes with emphasis on fruity citrusy refreshing scents. Uncomplicated scents like these are the best summer fragrances which are perfect for you to carry in your bag during your summer excursions whenever and wherever.

We know how important choosing the perfect fragrance is, as it can affect one’s mood as well as shape their individuality. Lucky for you, The Dua Brand offers handcrafted sweet summery-toned fragrance selections, which we have listed for you to consider this summer season.

10 Summer Fragrances for 2022

1. Strawberry Cream Candy

When people think of summer, they daydream about the ice cold refreshing citrusy cocktails served to them on their most awaited getaways. Strawberry Cream Candy is a delicious combination of butterscotch with a touch of vanilla sweetness, a dash of milk and cream and a hint of musk. The delicious aroma lingering in the air will immediately overcome those in your presence. This special treat is for all the strawberry fans out there who will for sure discover a new favourite with Strawberry Cream candy. Prepare to be utterly delighted with this Dua’s Original!

2. Bleu De Tiger

Bleu de Tiger is one of the most effortless and most satisfying hybrids we have worked on, making it the most desired fragrance this summer. Its woody aromatic elements, put together with citrusy notes from refreshing grapefruit, Sicilian lemon makes this one worthy to be titled as one of our best signature-scent creations. We can guarantee that once you try on this fragrance, it’ll become your go-to every summer!

3. Casino Elixir

Get ready for a new level of triumph with the one and only Casino Elixir! This intoxicative fragrance infuses spicy saffron with cool Jasmine and brings in a punch of fresh pineapple and juicy bergamot splendour. Making this the best summer perfume, if you want to opt for a fun and energetic fragrance.

4. Tiger’s Casino Elixir

If you are in search for a unique take on a sweet fragrance and one that will help you stand apart from the crowd, Tiger’s Casino Elixir is sure to do the trick! The wearer of this addictive fragrance will experience an explosion of aquatic citrus, a perfect solution to beat the summer heat while conveying opulence, whim and glamour to him/her. Supplies are limited with this release. So be sure to experience this fragrance while you can!

5. Poseidon’s Elixir Gen X

Inspired by the holy grail of scents, Creed Aventus, this iconic elixir bottle encompasses a fruity chypre classification, holding fresher notes of jasmine, bergamot, apple, blackcurrant Leaves, pineapple, pink-berries, musk and vanilla. Feel free to enjoy this special creation this summer and let it help you conquer the world, or at least your summer trips for now!😉

6. Kola Tabac

Another one of Dua’s Original which brings forth spicy amber notes, adding on to the wearer’s sensuality and sophistication. Its unique Cuban tobacco tincture is used for this original creation with base rich in vanilla and warmth from the gourmand ingredients added into this artistic concoction. Kola Tabac is a new olfactive expression guaranteed to make you stand out this summer.

7. Poseidon in The Caribbean

Imagine it’s one of those hot sweltering days, where every little thing is annoying you. You’re longing to be transported to a beautiful tropical island with beach waves crashing along the golden beaches as summer cocktails and Pina Coladas are being served to you. Maybe you’re not physically able to go there yet.. but a little spritz of this fragrance will mentally transport you to the place of your summer dreams! Its addictive aroma, which deepens the citrusy and juicy notes, will make Poseidon in the Caribbean, “the must-have” for your summer excursion.

8. Caribbean Supernova

Caribbean Supernova invites the wearer on a journey that is exhilarating, refreshing, decadent, and explosive. Its blend of undertones of Indian jasmine, rose, thyme along with strong notes of coconut, grapefruit, vetiver and black currant makes this one a crazy masterpiece. You can be rest-assured that wearing this fragrance in the heat of the summer will cool you down and give you a wearing experience that is far from plain.

9. Imperial Poseidon

This Hybrid brings forth an explosion of pineapple and lemon, which is fresher than an ocean’s breeze, while iris, jasmine, and rose combine for a seductive mind that mesmerizes and seduces. You’ll enjoy this unique yet familiar blend of aromatic fruity notes, making this experience one of the most sought after and of course memorable.

10. Perfumer Dua: Neroli

Sometimes all you need is an uncomplicated scent that conveys a simplistic and elegant feel, for one of “those” summer days. This fragrance will make you come across as a fine gentleman or gentlewoman while staying rest assured that the citrus scent’s freshness and patchouli freshness will last for a long time. You’ll be beyond satisfied by this fragrance, so much that it’ll for sure become a constant staple every summer! But be aware, quantities are limited so place your order now!

Summer season is known to reduce the longevity of most fragrances due to its evaporation at a faster rate. However, Dua fragrances are concocted with a higher concentration of natural oils formula which allows the scents to remain longer on the wearers skin compared to other brands. Making it the best brand in Pakistan, in terms of convenience, for users to enjoy the refreshing and cool scents all day, every day!

So, with this summer season upon us, we hope this top 10 summer fragrances list will help you decide which fragrance to wear and when. To make it even easier, you can try out our Discovery Set that consists of 2 ml bottles of 5 different fragrances.

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